Friday, 16 December 2011

DXSpider user manual

I am a user of the DXspider DX cluster packet node, and connect to the CDXC cluster and sometimes the G3LDI clusters here in the UK.

I found that the user manual was not available to download so I have created a PDF version of the manual from the HTML on the DXSpider Wiki site.

The link to this download is DXSpiderUserManual.pdf.

I have not changed the original documentation content but included all HTML sections in one PDF file with a table of contents included  at the beginning.  I may write an appendix to add to the end of the document with my own tips and how-to in the future.

This manual is designed to help you become familiar with the commands that DXSpider supports and to help you get the best from the program so you can enjoy working that rare DX! As DXSpider is being improved all the time, commands will be added as time goes by, so make sure you have the most up to date version of this manual.

Please let me know if this PDF has been useful and any improvements and corrections that may be required.

de M0UAT, Ian

Sunday, 11 December 2011

QRSS 30m Beacon

I have setup a 30m QRSS beacon running on 10.140Mhz at my QTH in Farningham, UK. The beacon is running CW and QRSS6 FSK and the output is approx 23dBm (200mW) into a dipole in my loft.

I would appreciate any reception reports and in particular the exact frequency that the beacon is transmitting as I may need to adjust depending on drift caused by the temperature in my loft. I may need to build a crystal oven for the VFO crystal.

I have had one reception report from SW London, with 59+, after one day operation.