Monday, 31 October 2011

SPLAT RF Signal Propagation, Loss And Terrain analysis tool

At the end of last year I wrote an article on the SPLAT software application for the Cray Valley Radio Society, this article is the PDF linked below, with enhanced images found in the PDF also linked below:

SPLAT RF Signal Propagation, Loss And Terrain analysis tool

Wrotham Propagation on 144Mhz
QTH Propagation on 144Mhz

I am a keen contester and have found that my own QTH is very limited in what can be achieved with low power and a low height glass fiber pole with my yagi antenna at 6 meters AGL. My QTH is 30m ASL and is in a deep valley with the only ground slopping away to the North. I have used this software application to predict the most useful location in the South-East to operate on VHF and UHF in the RSGB UKAC contest that are throughout the year here in the UK. As the software runs on a UNIX environment and may not be accessible to all users, it is my plan to provide this application via a web interface in the future. Keep coming back to my site for an update on this.

Please have a look at my SPLAT document, you are free to download and use for none profit organisations, but if you do us it for a club presentation then please let me know.

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